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Avatar Hollow v1.1.11 release

Avatar Hollow has been released to the XBox Live Indie Game service.

A dark force has fallen over the land and it is up to you to seek out this evil and defeat it. Avatar Hollow features hack-and-slash role playing, randomly generated items, monsters and dungeons to explore. Three skill trees and many character builds. Play in PvP or Quest Mode

We have already had a few bugs reported and are working to get a patch completed. Find an issue? Report it in the forum!

Avatar Mayhem Release

Avatar Mayhem is now available on the XBox Live Indie Game marketplace! Avatar Mayhem is our first Avatar game with a focus on casual sandbox building and destruction. Over the next couple of weeks we will be pushing several updates to Avatar Mayhem. Our next version (1.3.1) will contain an additional two cube texture packs with over 100 new block textures. The building mechanism has been improved and the range of building will be increased. The configuration screen will allow for scoring by destruction of frag count and offer the option to generate more varied architecture.

Check out the forums to stay up to date with the latest builds.

Site updated, Haxel development revs up

On Friday Sept. 28th we updated our site with a new look and feel. Our Xbox live indie game development will be put on hold for the time being while we focus on Haxel. We have decided to focus all our energy on Haxel and we have made great progress over the last few months. The idea for Haxel comes from a lifetime of playing and modding FPS games. We are exited by the possibilities Haxel will allow for, and hope you like what you see so far.

For more information on Haxel, please visit